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Author: Michael Sprague (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: August 8, 2012 3:48 PM
Version: 0.7
Views: 41,158
Downloads: 2,875
Demo URL: http://www.webtrenches.com/cfjq/
License: MIT


********THE CURRENT VERSION OF THIS LIBRARY IS NO LONGER BEING SUPPORTED OR DEVELOPED. There will be a version 2 based on jQuery UI, but no release date is available yet.**********

This is a library of custom tags that replicate the CFGRID, CFWINDOW, and CFTOOLTIP tags from ColdFusion 8. The CF8 tags work, but I find YUI and Ext much harder to work with than jQuery, and the file size of the JavaScript libraries that CF8 includes is excessive. So, I created CFjqAjax.

Based on Flexigrid, this grid behaves very similar to cfgrid. Remote data calls populate the column. Paging is automatically set up (if enabled), and there is a built-in search.

Modal window based on jqModal. Draggable, Resizable, JavaScript interactive, and much more. Read the release notes on this before using it - they explain how to use jQuery to interact with it.

Simple tooltip custom tag based on the enhanced jTip add-on. Tooltips can be Ajax or non-Ajax, can have title bars, and have more customization control than cftooltip.

See the screen shots for what the interface looks like. CSS is completely customizable.


Server: ColdFusion MX (tested on 7 and 8)
Browser: IE6, IE7, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+